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Individual lessons

Are you starting out in padel? Or are you a player who wants to learn new shots or perfect others? This is an ideal format to learn basic shots if you are a beginner or learn more advanced shots and perfect others if you are already a player. And I always work giving 100% to achieve.

60 minute session of technical and tactical work.

  • Enjoy playingpadel
  • Learn more about the sport.
  • Improve your physical condition.
  • Reach your maximum level.
  • Learn to compete.

Lesson with video technical analysis

For players who want to learn  the biomechanics of their movements to be more efficient when executing shots. With the player’s video analysis you can see in real time the shot you want to train or improve during the session. The long-term goal is to have more precise hits and with better use of the body to avoid injuries.
60 minute class with video analysis of the blow to be trained.

Group training

8 weeks planing trainings, for improve the quality of the shots to be more effective and make better decisions. (intermediate and advanced players). This is and ideal format for a team of 3 payers (who are league team). Also designed for 4 experienced players.

60 minutes class with live ball exercises focused on tactics and decision making.

Match training

Training matches, is an activity designed by Maria for all those
teams that compete in the SNP or SPL, as well as weekend scoring tournaments or the club league. The main objective of the activity is to provide players with a better understanding of the game to be more efficient as a team and win more games.

With both physical and control exercises, conditioned play and basic and advanced tactics, María will help you with her experience, studies and analysis of professional padel matches to boost your game. ¡¡Vamos!!

90 minutes class with live ball exercises focused on tactics and decision making.


Group classes with tactical video analysis

For players who want to see and know their game system and that of their rivals. Understand game patterns and statistics of this sport.

90 minutes class with conditional and normal matches with that will be recorded and later analyzed.


Express Padel

Do you want to know how to play padel? 

This is your opportunity, in a special format for a group of 4 people, the classes are planned to have a solid base to continue learning.

60 minutes of classes with diferents exercises to start having fun and loving this sport. The gold will be to become another padel addict 🙂


Tematic Clinics

Weekly activitie wherea tactical situation and desition will be practiced: most successfull shot, along with team play.

120 minutes class with live ball exercises focused on tactics and decision making.


Begginers Course


10 clases planed so you can learn the basic shots and tactics to start playing your fisrt matches whit a solid technical and tactical base. It will be a fundamental objective to have a good time.

60 minutes lesson


Lunch training


Casual team training for those players who want to continue improving their technique and tactics but do not have time to carry out planned training with medium and long-term goals. Improving technique and tactics will be the objective but with a greater social component and to have a good time playing padel.

90 minutes training with live ball control exercises focused on tactics and decision making, excercice with basquet and a final match.